Samsung Electronics wins big at iF Design Awards 2023

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Samsung has been recognized in several categories, most notably highlighting the brand’s premium Climate Solutions products

July 17, 2023, Amsterdam – Samsung Electronics has won an impressive 80 awards at this year’s the International Forum (iF) Design Awards 2023, the prestigious German international design competition. Notably, Samsung was also recognized for its outstanding climate solutions product, the EHS Mono HT Quiet heat pump, highlighting the brand’s global commitment to create uniquely designed products that enrich people’s lives.


Founded in 1953 as Die Gute Industrieform e.V., the iF Design Award conducts comprehensive evaluations of factors including differentiation and impact across a total of nine categories: Product, Packaging, Communication, Professional Concept, Interior Architecture, Architecture, Service Design, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI).


The award brings well-deserved recognition to Samsung’s EHS Mono HT Quiet, a reliable and stylishly designed heat pump offering a high temperature, low noise[1] solution for ultimate comfort at home. The heat pump is also ideal for the replacement of traditional residential heating systems based on fossil fuels (like gas or oil boilers) without the need of an additional significant investment (i.e. improving home isolation). This can be achieved thanks to its ability to consistently provide hot water of up 70 °C² for domestic heating and sanitary hot water, allowing people to maintain current radiators³.  

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The innovative Samsung EHS Mono HT Quiet was awarded for its ingenuity and thoughtful design, having also previously won a Design Plus Award (powered by ISH 2023). These awards showcase Samsung’s dedication to deliver on its promise to design meaningful experiences that weave together diverse customer values and innovative technologies.  


“This award is a true milestone for SEACE, highlighting our top-of-the-line climate solutions products, and the true innovation of our EHS Mono HT Quiet heat pump, which can help to meet the EU targets for the electrification of residential heating and to become independent of fossil fuels,” said Manuel Sanchez Sanz, Director PreSales, BDS & PM. “The team is extremely proud to be recognized, helping us to fulfil our global mission to continuously enrich people’s lives with the utmost comfort and premium designs.”


Samsung also won numerous awards in a variety of other categories, showcasing its leadership in design for 2023 and beyond.


About Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe B.V. (SEACE)
Since introducing its first air conditioner in 1974, Samsung Electronics has been redefining indoor climate comfort for tomorrow’s society. For every space where people create memorable experiences together, be it commercial spaces or residential homes. At Samsung, we go beyond convention, through a relentless focus on pushing the boundaries of technology, innovation and design.

Samsung Electronics entered the European market of commercial air conditioning in 2005. Due to rapid growth and in support of its long-term commitment to the European market, Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe B.V. (SEACE) was opened in 2017 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. SEACE aims to harmonize activities across more than 30 European countries. SEACE offers ongoing technical training in climate and smart building solutions; after sales and technical support for its industry partners; backed by Samsung’s quality reputation and leading-edge innovation, including digital connectivity solutions. SEACE thrives to fulfil the needs of its European markets including for both the commercial and residential market with innovative cooling, heating, domestic hot water, refrigeration and smart building solutions.

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¹ Operates at noise levels as low as 35 dB(A) of sound pressure. Based on internal testing. The noise level (sound pressure) is measured 3m away from the front of the outdoor unit, in an anechoic room with an outside temperature of 7°C. Results may vary depending on environmental factors and individual use. Sound pressure levels are subject to execution and operating conditions. ² Leaving water temperature, when the outdoor temperature is between -15°C - 43°C. Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions ³ This applies to radiators that can operate properly with a leaving water temperature of 70°C. This may vary and depend on other elements of the heating installation.