Heat pumps explained

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Watch these short videos with architectural designer and sustainability advocate Charlie Luxton to understand what it’s like having a heat pump in your home. The videos explain how the technology works, how it heats your domestic hot water and your home, and finally how you should use your heat pump.

Must-know heat pump information

What is a heat pump?

The outdoor unit of an air source heat pump replaces your traditional heating system (gas, oil, boiler, etc.) to generate heat and hot water for your home. Instead of using traditional fossil fuels, the Samsung heat pump uses electricity and the energy available in the air.

How to use a heat pump

How does a heat pump heat your home?

By using radiators with a larger surface area, or underfloor heating you can heat your home with lower temperature water and therefore less energy. Where radiators need to be changed, you can use a radiator with a greater surface area, such as double or triple panelled instead of single.

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