Our water-based HVM Chiller solution: modular & flexible

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HVM (Hydro Variable Multi) systems combine benefits of VRF and Chiller technologies to provide a chilled water solution suitable for retrofit and new design projects.

The HVM Chiller’s water-based concept eliminates the need for refrigerant inside the building¹ and these systems offer the added advantage of being able to connect to any kind of water-based heating system (such as radiators and fan coils).

How does HVM work?

As an air-to-water heat pump, our HVM Chiller uses water as a cooling medium to help you control your building’s climate. An HVM system can be connected to a variety of indoor Fan Coil Units (FCUs) such as the 360 Cassette or a one-way cassette, via water piping to provide cooling and heating to individual zones. It can also be connected to thermal storage systems and hot water systems.

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Key features of HVM Chiller systems

Energy efficient

HVM Chillers are also optimised for energy efficiency², with high-performance compressors, advanced control systems, and other energy-saving technologies. When connecting multiple HVM Chiller units within a single system, the workload is adjusted automatically for maximum efficiency³.

The HVM Selection tool

We understand the importance of streamlining the chiller system design process for the building consultants you might work with. That's why we've developed an intuitive HVM online selection tool that simplifies the process of designing a complete chiller system in a modular way. It provides essential information including efficiency data, total water flow, and total system pressure drop, which helps to select the appropriate water pump and piping.

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HVM Chiller installation

We work with qualified and experienced installers that offer expert services in the planning, installation, and maintenance of commercial climate control systems. Find a Samsung installer near you to discuss your specific needs and receive a quote.

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¹ The refrigerant charge of a HVM Chiller is up to 65 % lower than in traditional VRF systems. Compared to a Samsung DVM S 60 HP, holding R410A refrigerant, connected to twelve 14 kW indoor units and 100 meters of pipes. ² HVM Chiller outdoor units have a SEER (Nominal Cooling) of 5.7 and SCOP (Nominal Heating) of 4.3. Tested based on the AG042 model at test conditions: Water 35 without pump input. Results may vary depending on environmental factors and individual use. ³ At low load, the varying outdoor units are switched on at alternate intervals. At average load, the outdoor units are operated at partial load to optimise efficiency. At maximum load, all compressors of all outdoors unit are operated at maximum capacity.