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VRF Systems use refrigerant to cool and heat multiple rooms or zones within a building

Also referred to as DVM (Digital Variable Multi) systems, our VRF solutions focus on reliability, efficiency, comfort and design flexibility and allow for one outdoor unit to connect to up to 64 indoor units. Our comprehensive VRF range, from the DVM S2 to DVM S Water to DVM S Eco, offers a smart climate solution for large commercial applications.

What is a VRF system?

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems consist of one or more outdoor units, connected to indoor units via refrigerant piping to cool and heat individual zones. They can provide energy-efficient heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, and heat recovery. The outdoor units modulate capacity based on the requirements of individual zones, saving energy by not always running at 100% capacity and improving comfort by maintaining each zone's temperature as needed. An ideal solution for your business’s climate control needs, our VRF systems offer reliable performance, premium comfort, design versatility, and ease of installation, with capacities ranging up to 98HP.

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Key features of VRF

Control various zones

Samsung DVM S2 systems allow for precise temperature control in multiple zones, providing comfort to a wide range of occupants. Heat recovery systems add the capability to heat and cool separate zones simultaneously.

Optimise VRF Operation with Samsung b.IoT Lite

Samsung b.Iot Lite is an "Integrated Control Solution" for small and medium-sized buildings. Its open platform connects devices (e.g. sensors and lights) and machines to the Internet, helping to improve efficiency and convenience through data exchange. b.Iot Lite offers users a customisable dashboard that displays real-time data to provide a quick overview of the VRF operation. Easily create and export status reports, data trend reports, and energy usage reports, for centralised control of your systems.

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Our VRF solutions

  • (ODU)DVM S2 Building Rooftop Multi 1

    DVM S2

    The DVM S2 is the next generation of Samsung’s Digital Variable Multi S platform. With greater energy efficiency, optimised AI technology, and enhanced heating performance, this range comes with all the innovations you expect from us - and more⁶. It comes in a capacity range of 8 – 98 HP, and is compatible with a wide range of indoor units.

  • DVM S Eco AM7500K AM100KXMDGH 06 Low Noise Level

    DVM S Eco

    The DVM S Eco is one of the most compact air conditioner units in its class today, making the DVM S Eco easy and economical to install and operate without compromising on performance. It makes a good use of valuable space making it a convenient space-saving option for offices for example.

  • DVM S Water AM200FXWANR 02 Dual Inverter Compressor img

    DVM S Water

    DVM S Water harnesses water as a source for heat exchange and can be connected to various applications such as cooling towers, boilers, geothermal loops, seawater and more. This system features extended piping length and a lightweight design.

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VRF installation

Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing climate system or install a new one, Samsung's VRF solutions offer a range of options to fit your specific needs. We work with qualified and experienced installers that offer expert services in the planning, installation, and maintenance of commercial climate control systems. Find a Samsung installer near you.

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¹ The heat exchanger allows for 36.2% greater heat transfer area on a smaller platform (DVM S2 equipped with larger heat exchanger than conventional model AM100JXVAGH/ET. HX Length: 1,700 mm → 1,910 mm. Platform Width : 880 → 930 [mm].) and 23.7% greater heat transfer on a larger platform (DVM S2 equipped with larger heat exchanger than conventional model AM200KXVAGH/ET. HX Length:2,100 mm → 2,600 mm. 3). Based on internal testing. Results may vary depending on environmental factors and individual use. ² The high efficiency Multi-Serration fan lowers power consumption by 32 % while providing more airflow. (Multi serration fan adopted for small platform. Based on 12 HP models comparison.) Based on internal testing. Results may vary depending on environmental factors and individual use. ³ 20% faster cooling based on internal testing of the cooling operation, with the temperature set at 22°C and using Auto mode for 4 hours, at a room temperature of 33°C and an external temperature of 35°C. The tested model was an AM080AXVGGH/EU outdoor unit connected to AM083NN4DBH1 and AM145NN4DBH1 indoor units with 25m of piping. The elapsed times were measured when the room temperature reached 25°C. ⁴ A slimmer liquid line can be used between an outdoor unit and the first branch of the indoor units. The diameter of the slimmer pipe will vary depending on the diameter of the pipe that is normally used. It may not be available in certain installation conditions, and it is not compatible with certain AI functions of outdoor units. Please contact Samsung's technical professionals regarding its availability and for more detailed information. ⁵ Based on internal measurements. When a slimmer pipe, instead of a normal pipe, is used for the Main Liquid Pipe on the same capacity of air conditioning system, the amount of refrigerant to be charged can be reduced by 28% on average. ⁶ The DVM S2 is equipped with an enlarged heat exchanger, a high efficiency insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), an improved power module within the inverter system and an aerodynamic Multi-serration Fan, and utilises a superior Samsung scroll compressor. These technologies make the unit more energy efficient compared to the previous generation DVM S range.