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    TDM Plus Console


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    Slim and Smart Design

    The TDM Plus Console has a slim and smart design. Being just 199 mm thick, it will fit into almost any space and helps maintain optimal temperature. An innovative panel also prevents dust from accumulating. The black touchscreen display adds convenience and elegance.

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    2-Way Air Outlets

    The 2-Way Air Outlets ensure that every inch of space quickly reaches the desired temperature, and stays that way. Warm air is expelled from the bottom air outlet, helping to spread warmth evenly throughout the room.

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    Silent Mode

    The TDM Plus Console allows for a selection of 4 operating modes (High, Medium, Low and Silent) to enjoy optimal heating and cooling in a variety of situations. In Silent mode it generates a quiet, but comfortable airflow with a noise level of 23 dBA¹.

    Product Specifications

    • Features


      • Type


      • Mode

        HEAT PUMP

    • Current Input

      Current Input

      • Cooling (℃)

        0.13 A

      • Heating (℃)

        0.13 A

    • Capacity


      • Cooling [kW]

        2.20 kW

      • Heating [kW]

        2.50 kW

    • Power Input

      Power Input

      • Cooling 1)

        0.016 kW

      • Heating 2)

        0.016 kW

    • Fan


      • Type

        Turbo Fan

      • Air Flow Rate (High / Mid / Low) [m3/min]

        6.3 / 5.4 / 4.9 CMM

    • Piping Connections

      Piping Connections

      • Liquid Pipe (Ø, mm)

        6.35 mm

      • Liquid Pipe (Ø, inch)


      • Gas Pipe (Ø, mm)

        12.7 mm

      • Gas Pipe (Ø, inch)


      • Drain Pipe (Ø,mm)

        ID18mm Hose mm

    • Refrigerant


      • Type

        R410A(Fluorinated greenhouse gas, GWP=2,088)

      • Control Method


    • Sound


      • Sound Pressure

        34 / 32 / 30 dBA

      • Sound Power Level

        52 dBA

    • External Dimension (Indoor Unit)

      External Dimension (Indoor Unit)

      • Net Weight (kg)

        15.5 kg

      • Net Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm)

        720 x 620 x 199 mm

    • Additional Accessories

      Additional Accessories

      • Air Filter


    ¹ Based on internal testing. Results may vary depending on individual use.