TDM Plus Hydro Unit


    • Efficiency
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    The Samsung EHS includes a range of advanced functions that help optimize energy usage and are independently certified as delivering enhanced energy efficiency as compared to the previous models. The 2-Zone Control enables simultaneous heating with two different water temperature demands. The Photovoltaic Enabled feature checks the status of solar panels and adjusts the temperature to reduce network electricity usage. While the Smart Grid Ready feature helps users take advantage of economically efficient and sustainable power supply options.

    Wide Operation Range

    EHS Wall-mounted hydro units can discharge cold and hot water from 5 to 55 °C (leaving water temperature), and the ClimateHub (Tank Integrated Hydro Unit) can store up to 70 °C of water (due to booster heater operation). EHS TDM Plus Air-to-Air indoor units provide you with quick individual heating of -25 to 24℃ and cooling 10 to 46 ℃ for each room, as well as Air-to-Water heating of -25 to 35℃ and cooling 10 to 43 ℃.

    Product Specifications

    • Features


      • Type


      • Mode

        Heat Pump (A2W)

    • Power Supply (Indoor Unit) [Φ, #, V, Hz]

      Power Supply (Indoor Unit) [Φ, #, V, Hz]

      1, 2, 220-240, 50

    • Capacity


      • Cooling [kW]

        5.10~8.00 kW

      • Heating [kW]

        4.40~9.00 kW

    • Condenser


      • Water Flow Rate (LPM)

        7 / - / 42 LPM

    • Piping Connections

      Piping Connections

      • Liquid Pipe (Φ, mm)

        1/4 mm

      • Liquid Pipe (Φ, inch)


      • Gas Pipe (Φ, mm)

        5/8 mm

      • Gas Pipe (Φ, inch)


    • Sound


      • Sound Pressure (High / Mid / Low) [dB(A)]

        31 dBA

      • Sound Power

        48 dBA

    • External Dimension (Indoor Unit)

      External Dimension (Indoor Unit)

      • Net Weight(kg)

        45.5 kg

      • Shipping Weight (kg)

        55.0 kg

      • Net Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm)

        510 x 850 x 315 mm

      • Shipping Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm)

        564 x 1,024 x 412 mm

    • Leaving Water Temperature

      Leaving Water Temperature

      • Heating (°C)

        15~55 (H/P : 25~55) °C

      • Cooling (°C)

        5~25 °C

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