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    Comfort all year

    When it comes to heating and hot water, the TDM Plus solution’s technology is innovative and space-saving. This solution will provide you with year-round comfort and helps you to find your desired temperature in no time.

    WindFree™ Deluxe

    With your heating under control, you may be on the lookout for some air conditioning. Well, you can rest easy knowing that the TDM Plus has it all – heating, cooling, and domestic hot water. You can also check out our WindFree™ Deluxe - a wall-mounted air conditioner that can be connected to the TDM Plus heat pump. The unique WindFree™ technology keeps any room comfortably cool, dispersing air gently and quietly without cold drafts¹.
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    TDM Plus Outdoor

    A minimalist at heart? Then the TDM Plus is for you. With this solution, you only need one outdoor unit for heating and cooling.
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    Third-party hot water tank & control kit

    To store hot water in your home for an uninterrupted supply of hot water, you may also use a new or existing third-party water tank installed indoors.

    The ClimateHub water tank solution

    To store hot water in your home for an uninterrupted supply of hot water, you can select our ClimateHub water tank solution. Why choose ClimateHub? Installation is easy and quick, and the unit is exceptionally compact, meaning you will save space no matter where you install it.
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    Controls & wi-fi kit

    Whether using the SmartThings² app on your smartphone or a Wired Remote Controller you can manage temperatures remotely anytime and anywhere and view your daily, weekly, and monthly energy usage. The geofencing functionality even makes it possible to set your preferred room temperature automatically when you approach your home. Additionally, you are able to manage your oven, fridge, robot vacuum, TV, and any other smart device in your home.
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    Solar panels*

    Helping you save energy is our priority. With the TDM Plus solution, rest easy knowing you’re optimising your energy intake even more thanks to our Photovoltaic (PV) Enabled³ Feature. The PV feature continuously checks the status of your solar panels, ensuring your unit uses solar energy as often as possible over network electricity. * Only available for TDM Plus when the ClimateHub is included.

    Smart Grid Ready*

    If you choose the ClimateHub solution for your TDM Plus solution, you save even more energy with the Smart Grid Ready feature. The feature helps you save energy by adjusting power consumption to better suit the supply contract with your local power company. * Only available for TDM Plus when the ClimateHub is included.

    ¹ ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) defines “Still Air” as air currents moving at speeds below 0.15 m/s, with no cold drafts. ² A Wi-Fi connection and Samsung SmartThings application account are required. Wi-Fi Kit to be ordered separately. Requires iOS 10.0 or later & Android 5.0 or later. Additional requirements may be needed to apply SmartThings for medium-sized to large commercial buildings. For details contact a Samsung representative. ³ Based on Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) for 35 *C. Based on testing defined in EN14825. May vary depending on the system configuration, temperature and actual usage conditions.

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