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Your office is a vital part of your business

It’s where your employees spend a significant amount of their time, so design, comfort and functionality are key. Its indoor climate has a big impact on productivity and health¹, so the right climate solution can contribute to the success of a business.

We can help you find the best climate solution for your office

At Samsung, we provide a range of tailored solutions that can improve indoor comfort and air quality, while managing your business’s energy consumption and therefore operational costs. Looking to be BREEAM-certified, for example? A solid climate solution is key.

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How to choose the right air conditioning system for your office

A guide to find your ideal air conditioning solution.

Other interesting features

Motion Detect Sensors

With Motion Detect Sensor (MDS) detecting the presence and location of people in the room, it enables automatic management of airflow direction and efficient air cooling. Ensure only spaces that are in use are climate-controlled, giving you the chance to save energy and money.
(ODU)DVM S2 Building Rooftop Multi 1


For a multi-story office building, the Samsung DVM S2 is a great solution. Its compact design fits anywhere, with outdoor units even fitting the top of the building itself, freeing up valuable space. By effectively discharging air through a longer duct, it can be a suitable choice for high-rise buildings.

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DK commercial 360 cassette

Discover other commercial air conditioning solutions

Looking for a different kind of commercial air conditioning solution after all? Explore our various options.

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¹ Source: The effect of indoor office environment on the work performance, health and well-being of office workers; Komalanathan Vimalanathan corresponding author and Thangavelu Ramesh Babu - ² As discussed in The effect of indoor office environment on the work performance, health and well-being of office workers: National Library of Medicine. ³ Verified by Intertek, Report Number RT20E-S0010-R, Issue Date:17 April 2020 The K-element(Electrostatic Precipitator) of Samsung Electronics can sterilize the microorganisms that are collected on the filter (Escherichia coli: above 99 %, Staphylococcus aureus: above 99 %). This filter captures ultra-fine dust up to 0.3μm in size. The PM 1.0 air purification filter is available on the WindFree™ Elite, and as an accessory for the 4-way cassette and mini 4-way cassette. ⁴ Verified by Intertek testing samples of Samsung AR9500T in a continuous airflow condition (to KS K 0693:2016 protocol using bacteriophage MS2 virus ATCC 15597-B1 and Escherichia coli strain C3000 ATCC 15597) and antiviral Tri-Care Filter (to Samsung-defined test criteria using Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538 and Klebsiella pneumoniae ATCC 4352). Our products have not been tested for their effects on the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, we do not make or give any express or implied claims or guarantees with regard to COVID-19. It is only available on the WindFree™ Elite and Avant models.