Save both time and money – the benefits of a heat pump

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What makes it special

At Samsung, our mission is to be leader in the creation of more energy-efficient heating systems. Our heat pumps provide more eco-friendly, more energy-efficient, all-in-one heating, hot water and even air conditioning for your home.


General benefits of a heat pump

Energy efficiency

Samsung’s Heat Pumps feature a wide range of technologies that help optimize your energy usage. They have an energy efficiency rating of up to A+++¹ across the entire range of capacities and are also compatible with solar PV systems and Smart Grid Ready to further help reduce CO2 emissions and electricity demand compared to traditional gas boilers.

Make it perfect

You can install your heat pump with either a third party domestic hot water tank or combine it with a Samsung ClimateHub tank solution to make sure you have the perfect air and water temperature no matter the weather outside.

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¹ Based on Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) for 35 ⁰C. Based on testing defined in EN14825. May vary depending on the system configuration, temperature and actual usage conditions.