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Our high temperature, low noise heat pump

The EHS Mono HT Quiet, a high temperature, low noise heat pump ideal for the residential renovation market. It combines advanced features and new technologies to achieve high water temperatures and low noise levels. Additionally, this stylishly designed heat pump is capable of reliably providing 100% heating performance¹ even in extremely cold weather (temperatures as low as -25°C²). It is also easy to install and maintain.

We are delighted to announce

The full HT Quiet range (8kW, 12kW, 14kW) has achieved 65 degrees Celsius high temperature rating on MCS. The 8kW (AE080BXYDEG/EU) tested at SCOP 2.82 at 65 degrees Celsius, the 12kW (AE120BXYDEG/EU) tested at SCOP 3.01 at 65 degrees Celsius, and the 14kW (AE140BXYDEG/EU) tested at SCOP 3.03 at 65 degrees Celsius.


Efficient heating

The EHS Mono HT Quiet is a heat pump system that provides energy efficient heating (SCOP* of A+++)³ and hot water for your home. To generate 5.0kW of energy, it consumes only about 1kW of electricity and collects the rest from the air⁴. *SCOP = Seasonal Coefficient of Performance.

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Hot water temperatures of up to 70°C

Many houses in Europe are using older radiators that require a hot water temperature of 65°C or higher to heat rooms effectively. Most regular heat pumps operate at temperatures between 55°C - 60°C. The new EHS Mono HT Quiet on the other hand, is able to consistently provide hot water of up to 70°C for domestic heating purposes⁵. This can make it a suitable replacement for gas boilers, as they provide a high leaving water temperature.

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Premium design

The EHS Mono HT Quiet seamlessly blends into any building's exterior and comes in a dark grey color which complements the current design trend for modern building exteriors. The outdoor unit, approximately 1m in height, is fitted with a new horizontal black grille composition which screens its inner mechanics from sight⁸.

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Hassle-free installation and servicing

The outdoor unit of the EHS Mono HT Quiet is designed to be simple to install and maintain. The heat pump’s internal parts are easily accessible via the side panel which can be removed easily by undoing three screws. This significantly saves time and effort during the installation and servicing process.

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Reliable heating performance at -25°C

This heat pump is capable of providing 100% heating performance¹ even in extremely cold weather (temperatures as low as -25°C²). Its enlarged heat exchanger transfers more heat at once, and a new Scroll Compressor compresses refrigerant at higher pressure, so it works reliably in cold temperatures.

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1 Efficiency ratio of heating output (capacity) versus power input (electricity). Internally tested under lab conditions based on EN 14511, results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions. 2 Based on internal testing on an EHS Mono HT outdoor unit (AE120BXYDGG), compared to a conventional EHS outdoor unit (AE120RXYDGG). Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions. 3 SCOP of A+++ = Based on Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) for 35 ⁰C. Based on testing defined in EN14825. May vary depending on the system configuration, temperature and actual usage conditions. 4 Based on internal analysis. The average COP (Nominal Heating) of the Samsung EHS Mono HT products is 5.05, so they are more eco-friendly compared to conventional boiler systems, which generally have a COP of approximately 1.0. 5 Leaving water temperature, when the outdoor temperature is between -15°C - 43°C. Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions. 6 Based on internal testing. The noise level is measured 3m away from the front of the outdoor unit, in an anechoic room with an outside temperature of 7°C. Results may vary depending on environmental factors and individual use. 7 Patent No.:P2022-0012826. 8 Based on a viewing height of 1,700mm.

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