What is a heat pump?

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A heat pump is part of a heating and cooling system and is installed outside your home. In cooler months, a heat pump pulls heat from the cold outdoor air into your home, and in warmer months it pulls heat out of indoor air to cool your home. Quite simply, heat pumps can keep you cool or warm, all the while also providing domestic hot water.

There are two types of Air Source heat pumps:

Traditional gas boilers operate on fossil fuels, such as natural gas or heating oil, to heat buildings or provide hot water. Samsung’s heat pumps, called EHS, are Air Source heat pumps that use electricity and ambient energy available in outside air to generate heat and produce hot water for your home.

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    Air-to-Air heat pumps

    Air-to-Air heat pumps that use the outside air as a source to heat or cool your home via an air conditioning indoor unit.

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    Air-to-Water heat pumps

    Air-to-Water heat pumps that take heat from the outside air to produce domestic hot water and heat via radiators and underfloor heating.

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Heat pump composition

A heat pump consists of an outdoor unit, a hydronic system, a domestic hot water tank and a controller.

Water tank

The water tank holds your domestic hot water supply. It is available in different sizes so it can fit into almost any space. You also have options in terms of capacity: Samsung’s ClimateHub offers the choice between a 200 or 260 litres tank, so you can select the option that better suits the size of your family and your expected water usage.