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At Samsung, we have been redefining indoor climate comfort for tomorrow’s society since the introduction of the first air conditioner in 1974. Today, over 50 years later, we continue to push boundaries and enhance the way people live and work with our cutting-edge climate technologies that help people find their flow, so they may feel their best.

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Designed with human-driven innovation at their core. From our revolutionary WindFree™ Air Conditioners that keep users cool without unpleasant drafts to our EHS that provide reliable, year-round comfort, we have the perfect solution for your customer’s indoor climate needs.

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    WindFree™ Air Conditioners

    Samsung was the first manufacturer to offer WindFree™ air conditioners: indoor units that disperse cool air evenly without the unpleasant drafts that many users traditionally associate with climate solutions. Our innovative WindFree™ technology uses thousands of micro-holes to spread air softly, creating a “Still Air”1 environment that keeps users comfortably cool.
    ¹ ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) defines “Still Air” as air currents moving at speeds below 0.15 m/s, with no cold drafts.

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    360 Cassette

    In a comfortable indoor environment, cool air is distributed evenly across the room. Samsung Climate Solutions developed an innovative indoor unit to achieve this: the Samsung 360 cassette. This enables users to keep a space at their ideal comfortable indoor temperature. And its stylish circular design adds a touch of sophistication to the interior.

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    Many homeowners would like to switch to a fossil-free form of heating but lack the space needed for a traditional heat pump installation. The ClimateHub is an all-in-one integrated solution for heating and hot water. It combines a hydro unit and a hot water tank in a single, well-designed unit.  It is a compact solution that optimises indoor space and makes it possible to install a heat pump system in more homes, newly built or refurbished. 

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    A Smart Home makes life more comfortable and easier for its inhabitants. That is the vision behind the revolutionary Samsung SmartThings app – turning a home into a Smart Home.  The SmartThings app  is available on both Android and iOS, is compatible with the leading voice assistants, and offers users a single point of control for their smart devices – including their Samsung climate solutions. The recent addition of the SmartThings Energy feature makes the app even more attractive as it enables users to track, monitor and manage their energy usage.

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    Heat pumps (EHS)

    Fossil-free residential heating solutions are in high demand. The Samsung EHS is a versatile climate solution that uses heat energy found in the outside air and electricity to generate the power needed to heat homes and provide hot water. Some systems can provide air conditioning for cooling on hot days using the same heat pump system. An EHS is a one-stop solution for many homeowners wishes and requirements.

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    DVM S (Digital Variable Multi) Eco

    Average temperatures are rising, as is the demand for cooling spaces. The dimensions of traditional air conditioning outdoor units can, however, prevent homeowners and (small) businesses from exploring the options. Samsung developed the DVM S, one of the most compact air conditioner units in its class today, making it a convenient, space-saving option. It is also easy and economical to install and operate without compromising on performance. 

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