Climate control systems for your home

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Air conditioning solutions

Our air conditioning (AC) solutions do more than just cooling and heating, they create a perfect balance between indoor temperatures, humidity levels and in some cases even purify the air. Furthermore, our air conditioning systems are compatible with a wide range (different styles and capacities) of indoor units. Explore which system works for you.
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    Single split

    Single split air conditioning systems connect one outdoor unit to one indoor unit. This systems are perfect for controlling the climate of one room in your home, such as a bedroom or living room.
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    Multi split

    Multi split air conditioning systems connect one outdoor unit to multiple indoor units (up to five), allowing you to control the climates of various rooms independently from each other. These systems are ideal for multi-story residences where outdoor space might be limited. They're a good choice if you want to control the temperature of multiple rooms or areas of your home.
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    What is an air conditioner?

    An air conditioner cools a room by drawing in warm air, cooling it with refrigerant gas, and blowing cool air back out. It can also warm, dehumidify by removing moisture, and purify with filters. Discover how air conditioners work and the the features they offer, for ultimate indoor comfort.
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Looking for air conditioning solutions for your business?

It looks like you've landed on our residential air conditioning solutions page. If you're a business owner looking for climate systems for your hotel, office, retail or restaurant, click on the button to discover our range of commercial climate solutions.
Discover commercial solutions
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