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Samsung’s range of commercial solutions combine stunning design, advanced technologies, design flexibility and optimal performance to meet the indoor climate needs of almost any commercial application, large or small. From hotel resorts to local supermarkets, our systems are highly customisable to your heating, cooling, hot water and/or ventilation needs.

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  • schematic CAC

    Commercial Split

    Are you looking for a climate control solution for a small - medium space, such as a restaurant, a supermarket, or a small office? A commercial split system could be the solution for you. Connecting one outdoor unit to an indoor unit, a commercial split system cools (or heats) the air inside your space to your preferred temperature, throughout the day.
  • Samsung Schematics VRF LowBuilding

    Variable Refrigerant Multi (VRF)

    Looking for a centralised solution that can serve multiple spaces within a large building such as multi-story office complex or a large hotel? Consider Samsung’s range of VRF systems. With the ability to provide heating, cooling and hot water, our VRF systems offer an all-in-one solution for your bulding’s climate control needs.
  • Samsung Schematics VRF Chiller LowBuilding

    Hydro Variable Multi (HVM) Chiller

    Are you in need of a water-based climate system for your restaurant, supermarket, retail space or multi-family residential building? Or are you in need of a replacement for your existing chiller system? Consider the HVM Chiller – Samsung's chilled water climate control system that combines the benefits of VRF and chiller technology and offers flexibility when it comes to the design installation and operation of the system.
  • Samsung Schematics-Ventilation-New

    Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

    Samsung's ERV systems are ventilation solutions that improve indoor air quality and temperature by exchanging stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air while using heat recovery technology to precondition fresh air that is being brought in. If you want to connect ERV with an existing Samsung VRF solution in your building to form a complete climate control system, our ERV Plus systems are ideal.

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