ClimateHub: Samsung’s signature heating and cooling solution

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Luxury White Kitchen Interior with Laundry RoomLuxury White Kitchen Interior with Laundry Room

ClimateHub is an all-in-one integrated solution bringing the perfect indoor climate and hot water to your home. ClimateHub saves you valuable indoor space by combining the hydro unit and hot water tank in one compact unit. Blending seamlessly into your homes’ interior, ClimateHub is perfect for newly built or refurbished homes or else as a replacement of a traditional gas boiler.

The benefits

The ClimateHub solution offers many distinctive benefits

A single, integrated unit

The ClimateHub is a single, integrated unit containing the modular tank and Hydro Unit in three options (the ClimateHub TDM Plus, ClimateHub Mono and ClimateHub Split), with everything installed in one location. All you need to do is choose your preferred set-up location.

Our heating systems

Available in three versions; each compatible with the ClimateHub.
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    ClimateHub TDM Plus

    Its innovative technology combines cooling, heating and domestic hot water. The ClimateHub TDM Plus offers an integrated solution that encloses the hydro unit and a water tank of 200 or 260 litres. Thanks to its compact size, the ClimateHub fits perfectly in service rooms inside your home.
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    ClimateHub Mono

    With its Tank Integrated Hydro Unit, the ClimateHub Mono solution can connect to third-party equipment such as a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) tank. A single outdoor unit that includes hydronic components, choosing the ClimateHub means you don’t need to make space for refrigerant piping, making it even easier to install and use.
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    ClimateHub Split

    Also equipped with a Tank Integrated Hydro Unit, the ClimateHub Split is a single outdoor unit that connects to the Tank Integrated Hydro Unit via refrigerant pipes. Maximize this unit by connecting to a smart grid or solar power.

¹ ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) defines “Still Air” as air currents moving at speeds below 0.15 m/s, with no cold drafts.

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