Year-round comfort with Samsung's heating and cooling systems

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Maximize your at-home comfort with a Samsung Heat Pump

The Samsung Heat Pumps are also known as our EHS. Heat pumps are innovatively leading the way in the shift away from traditional gas boilers that operate on fossil fuels. Instead, they use electricity and the ambient energy of outside air to generate domestic hot water and heating via radiators and underfloor heating. Our heat pumps are also available with our innovative WindFree™ air conditioners. We keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.


The full system

The typical components of a heat pump include four parts: an outdoor unit, a hydronic system, a domestic hot water tank, and a controller.
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Why use a Samsung Heat Pump?

Feel comfortable, year-round

It’s simple, Samsung’s Heat Pumps make sure your comfort comes first, no matter the season. With our all-in-one TDM Plus unit, you keep your home cozy and warm via a radiator or underfloor heating, and enjoy a cool escape with air conditioning. If you only need heating, look no further than our Split and Mono units.

Samsung’s Heat Pumps are available in two types:

Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one heating and cooling solution or just a heating solution, Samsung is here to meet your needs.
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    Our Mono and Split options provide you with both domestic hot water and heating.
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    Heating & Cooling

    Have it all - heating, domestic hot water and air conditioning. Choose the TDM Plus.

Make more space in your home

Whichever solution you select, it will take up as little space as possible. All Samsung Heat Pump solutions are compatible with the ClimateHub, an all-in-one integrated solution. With its single, compact design, the ClimateHub blends harmoniously with your homes’ interior.
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¹ Not available on the Samsung EHS TDM Plus, which uses a third-party DHW tank. ² Not available on the Samsung EHS Mono and TDM Plus, which use a third-party DHW tank. ³ A Wi-Fi connection and Samsung SmartThings application account are required. Wi-Fi Kit to be ordered separately. Requires iOS 10.0 or later & Android 5.0 or later.

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