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Samsung EU SEACE R290 11681Samsung EU SEACE R290 11681

Discover our new home solution

Meet Samsung’s newest editions to its EHS heat pump line-up: the EHS Mono R290 and EHS R290 Pump, a heating solution for residential homes. Available in a broad range of capacities -5, 8, 12, and 16 kW-, the newest additions use R290: a refrigerant with a much lower GWP (only 3) compared to other refrigerants. EHS Mono R290 and EHS R290 Pump consistently provides consumers with hot water of up to 75°C¹ for domestic heating purposes. This can make it a suitable heating system replacement in older residential spaces. It boasts a reliable heating performance due to its larger heat transfer area, enabling it to deliver a 100% heating performance in temperatures as low as -10°C¹.

Save installation time

The hydraulics components, like the pump and expansion tank, are included in the EHS Mono R290 Pump as well as the control kit and the wi-fi kit assuring that this significantly saves time and effort during the installation as well as the servicing process. Furthermore, it requires less indoor space and it is set-up for being SmartThings and EHS cloud services ready.


SAC EHS R290 Pump Integrated S F009 Convenience in Installation 01 2100x2100

Our high temperature, low noise heat pump

Powered by a combination of innovative noise reducing technologies, the EHS Mono R290 & the EHS Mono R290 Pump operates quietly with noise levels as low as 35 d(BA)² using a 4-step Quiet Mode. There heat pump’s outdoor units features a double-layered, sound insulation system fitted with a patented Groove Grid Felt design³, which effectively blocks and absorbs noise produced by compression parts and vibrations.


Samsung EU SEACE R290 11624

Hot water temperatures of up to 75°C

Many older houses in Europe are still using radiators which require a hot water temperature of 65°C or higher to heat rooms effectively. The new EHS Mono R290 and EHS Mono R290 Pump is able to consistently provide hot water of up to 75°C¹ for domestic heating purposes. This can make it a suitable heating system replacement in older residential spaces that have been previously dependent on gas boilers for their heating needs.


SAC EHS R290 F002 Hot Water Temperature of up to 75C A(1)
Samsung EU SEACE R290 12032

A broader range of capacities

The EHS Mono R290 and EHS Mono R290 Pump is available in a broader range of capacities fitting with varying project requirements – 5, 8, 12, and 16 kW. The 5 and 8 kW units are only 850mm in size, compared to the larger 12 and 16 kW units which measure approximately 1000mm.

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Made to work with R290

The EHS Mono R290 and EHS Mono Pump use R290 as a refrigerant instead of the currently still commonly used R32. R290 has a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to other refrigerants. Only 3. With these newest editions, Samsung is offering an improved solution for residential homes compared to solutions using other refrigerants. Due to R290 being used, the inside components of the unit have been adapted compared to a regular mono heat pump. These adaptations support the separation of R290 and the rest of the system.

EHS R290 Mono Lifestyle Image 01

Smart connectivity

SmartThings Energy⁴ offers the ultimate home energy management systems through rich insights, energy saving automations, and support for users. Once connected, users can monitor their energy usage and with the AI energy mode potentially reduce their energy consumption⁵.

Samsung EU SEACE R290 11408
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Contact a Samsung installer near you for advice tailored to your situation and needs, and to get your ideal heat pump or air conditioning system installed.
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1. Leaving water temperature when the outdoor  temperature is -10~35°C. Domestic hot water (DHW) leaving the DHW tank is 70°C when the outdoor temperature is -10~43°C. Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.

2. Based on internal testing of the EHS Mono R290 outdoor. The noise level is measured 3m away from the front of the outdoor unit, in an anechoic room with an outside temperature of 7°C. Results may vary depending on environmental factors and individual use.

3. Patent No.: P2022-0012826

4. Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection, Samsung account, and an optional Wi-Fi Kit (MIM-H04N) are required.

5. The amount of costs saved is dependent on various factors such as a user’s electricity plan, indoor/outdoor temperature, and other usage conditions. With the SmartThings App, user may for example programme the relevant Samsung indoor unit when the electricity price is offered at its lowest price offered or turn off the unit when not in use to minimize energy consumption.

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