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    Mono R290


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    Product Specifications

    • Features


      • Mode

        Heat Pump (A2W)

    • Current Input

      Current Input

      • Cooling (℃)

        6.05 A

      • Heating (℃)

        4.63 A

    • Energy Efficiency

      Energy Efficiency

      • EER (Cooling) [W/W]

        3.91 W/W

      • COP (Heating) [W/W]

        5.10 W/W

    • Capacity


      • Cooling [kW]

        5.0 kW

      • Heating [kW]

        5.0 kW

    • Power


      • MCA

        16.1 A

      • MFA

        17.6 A

    • Power Input

      Power Input

      • Cooling 1)

        1.28 kW

      • Heating 2)

        0.98 kW

    • Fan


      • Type

        Propeller Fan

      • Air Flow Rate (High / Mid / Low) [m3/min]

        55 ㎥/min

    • Refrigerant


      • Type

        R290(A3 grade Flammable GAS, GWP=3)

      • Factory Charging (kg)

        0.63 kg

      • Factory Charging (tCO2e)


      • Control Method


    • Water Heat Exchanger

      Water Heat Exchanger

      • Type

        Braszed Plate Exchager

      • Internal Water Volume

        0.588 L

    • Sound


      • Sound Pressure

        41 dBA

      • Sound Power Level

        55 dBA

    • Operating Temp. Range

      Operating Temp. Range

      • Cooling (°C)

        10~46 ℃

      • Heating (°C)

        -25~35 ℃

      • Domestic Hot Water (°C)

        -25~43 °C

    • Leaving Water Temperature

      Leaving Water Temperature

      • Heating (°C)

        15~75 °C

      • Cooling (°C)

        5~25 °C

    • External Dimension (Outdoor Unit)

      External Dimension (Outdoor Unit)

      • Net Weight (kg)

        86 kg

      • Net Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm)

        998 x 850 x 500 mm

    • Smart


      • WiFi Embedded


      • Bluetooth


      • WiFi Kit


    • App Connectivity

      App Connectivity

      • SmartThings App Support


    1. Leaving water temperature when the outdoor  temperature is -10~35°C. Domestic hot water (DHW) leaving the DHW tank is 70°C when the outdoor temperature is -10~43°C. Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.

    2. Based on internal testing of the EHS Mono R290 outdoor. The noise level is measured 3m away from the front of the outdoor unit, in an anechoic room with an outside temperature of 7°C. Results may vary depending on environmental factors and individual use.

    3. Patent No.: P2022-0012826

    4. Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection, Samsung account and an optional Wi-Fi Kit (MIM-H04N) are required.

    5. Amount of costs saved are dependent on various factors such as a user’s electricity plan, indoor/outdoor temperature and other usage conditions. With the SmartThings App, user may for example programme the relevant Samsung indoor unit when the electricity price is offered at its lowest price offered or turn off the unit when not in use to minimize energy consumption.

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