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    Split Outdoor (R32)


    • R32 Refrigerant
    • SmartThings Compatible
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    Convenient And Intuitive Control

    The ClimateHub Mono, Split and TDM Plus offer a range of easy to use control options that make life much simpler. The touch controller comes equipped with multiple language options and bright colour display – enabling temperature settings, energy monitoring, summer time setting and quick error monitoring.¹ Different temperatures can be set for each zone, meaning high-temperature radiators and lowtemperature floor heating can be utilized efficiently.

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    Quiet Operation

    The 4-Step Quiet Mode enables the adjustable low-noise operation to meet strict sound level requirements². Simply select from four different steps to reduce the sound level by 3 dB(A), 5 dB(A), 7 dB(A)² or keep it as low as 35 dB(A)².

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    Next Generation of Refrigerant R32

    The EHS Mono and Split range uses the next generation of R32 refrigerant, which helps and lower the impact on global warming. It is equipped with an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero and a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) than conventional R22 or R410A refrigerants³. It also reduces the amount of refrigerant needed and cuts CO₂ emissions⁴, so it’s much more environmentally friendly.

    Easy Installation

    The compact ClimateHub Mono, Split and TDM Plus are easier to handle and require much less space, so they can be installed in many more places. And they are extremely simple to set up and maintain. A compact and modular Tank Integrated Hydro Unit integrates a conventional hydro unit or control kit, a large hot water tank of either 200 or 260 litres and parts of the water pipes. So it’s easier to handle and gives freedom to install it almost anywhere in a building, even in a kitchen or utility room.

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    Product Specifications

    • Features


      • Type


      • Mode

        Heat Pump (A2W)

    • Current Input

      Current Input

      • Cooling (℃)

        4.9 A

      • Heating (℃)

        3.9 A

    • Energy Efficiency

      Energy Efficiency

      • EER (Cooling) [W/W]


      • COP (Heating) [W/W]


    • Capacity


      • Cooling [kW]

        5.00 kW

      • Heating [kW]

        4.40 kW

    • Power


      • MCA

        16.0 A

      • MFA

        20.0 A

    • Power Input

      Power Input

      • Cooling 1)

        1.090 kW

      • Heating 2)

        0.846 kW

    • Fan


      • Air Flow Rate (High / Mid / Low) [m3/min]

        40 CMM

    • Piping Connections

      Piping Connections

      • Installation Max. Height [m]

        20 m

      • Liquid Pipe (Ø, mm)

        6.35 mm

      • Liquid Pipe (Ø, inch)


      • Gas Pipe (Ø, mm)

        15.88 mm

      • Gas Pipe (Ø, inch)


      • Installation Max. Length [m]

        30 m

    • Refrigerant


      • Type

        R32(Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases, GWP=675)

      • Factory Charging (kg)

        1.20 kg

      • Factory Charging (tCO2e)

        0.81 tCO2e

      • Control Method


    • Sound


      • Sound Pressure

        46 dBA

      • Sound Power Level

        61 dBA

    • Operating Temp. Range

      Operating Temp. Range

      • Cooling (°C)

        10~46 ℃

      • Heating (°C)

        -25~35 ℃

      • Domestic Hot Water (°C)

        -25~43 °C

    • Leaving Water Temperature

      Leaving Water Temperature

      • Heating (°C)

        15~65 °C

      • Cooling (°C)

        5~25 °C

    • External Dimension (Outdoor Unit)

      External Dimension (Outdoor Unit)

      • Net Weight (kg)

        46.5 kg

      • Net Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm)

        880 x 638 x 310 mm

    • Smart


      • WiFi Embedded


      • Bluetooth


      • WiFi Kit


    • App Connectivity

      App Connectivity

      • SmartThings App Support


    ¹ The image shows an application example and is for illustrative purposes only. Please always check latest information for understanding availability of language versions. Available in 16 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Lithuanian. ² Based on internal testing of the 6 kW and 9 kW Split outdoor units (AE060RXEDEG, AE090RXEDEG, AE090RXEDGG). The noise level is measured 3m away from the front of the outdoor unit, in an anechoic room with an outside temperature of 7 °C. Results may vary depending on the model (capacity), environmental factors and individual use. Sound pressure levels are subject to execution and operating conditions. ³ GWP rating: R32 refrigerant = 675 vs. R410A refrigerant = 2,088. ⁴ The Samsung EHS Mono and Split (R32) only require 83 % of the refrigerant used in a conventional heating system (R410A) of the same capacity. So the level of CO₂ emissions of the EHS is 560 (675 x 0.83), which is 73% less than the 2,088 produced by a conventional heating system.

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